We hope you all have been enjoying your Summer!

We know Summer is coming to an end, and as sad as that is, we all know the season can’t last forever. So knowing this year after year, we thought it would be a nice topic for this month to discuss why and how Rob’s Automotive & Collision has stood the “test of time” even after more than 35 years in business.
Longevity in anything takes countless effort, commitment, dedication and even sacrifice.
So we solute you as a business owner, or experienced professional if you’ve been practicing your “craft” for many years, b/c we certainly know what that takes to get there, and more importantly, stay there at the top of your game.
With the Collision industry experiencing rapid changes over the past 10-15 years, some good, some not so good, it has unfortunately affected many service providers in the space.
Over our time we have seen many strong and quality companies unfortunately close their doors, or continue to struggle in today’s autobody and collision climate.
There are a lot of reasons why but we’d like to point out what we believe has been the difference for us not only to stay in business, but even thrive during these changing times.
1. Staff – We continue to employ amazing people with many years of experience in our industry. They not only are great at what they do, but our customers see the difference because our Staff cares so much about them.
2. Technology – This is where many companies that have unfortunately gone out of business have failed. They never embraced how updates in technology could actually help them vs. hurt them. They didn’t invest in the things that would make life easier for them as a provider, or even their customer’s experience.

3. Equipment – We continue to educate our Staff as well as invest in nothing but the best equipment and machinery to ensure our collision work is done perfect. Yes, this is a huge expense, but it’s also why we have become so diverse to offer repair services to ANY make and model car or truck.

Manufactures have extremely high demands that are a MUST when it comes to Collision Repair and if you don’t stay on the cutting edge with equipment, well… We’re sure you can guess what will happen.

4. Adapt – We like to believe that no matter what the auto manufacturing world throws at us, or even you the driver/consumer, we’ll be ready for it when you need us. We are not stubborn when it comes to adapting and embracing the ups and downs of our industry so that we are best prepared to do the best job for our customers.
5. Diversity – We have grown tremendously over 35 years. And we attribute a strong portion of our growth to being able to offer many service to make any customer’s life easier. We have the ability to handle the entire process when you’ve been in an accident. From start to finish we’ll tow your vehicle if necessary, repair it perfectly, all while making your life easier by dealing with your insurance company so you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting your car back just as it was, or in some cases even better before your accident.
So while our hearts go out to so many providers who unfortunately aren’t in business anymore, we like to think we’re still here b/c we’ve done the right things to preserve our longevity.
Thanks as always for checking in and we hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer!
– Rob’s