With only a few months left in the year, we figured we’d take a minute or so and throw some “nuggets” your way regarding end of year maintenance.

We all live very busy lives and we understand more than most how easy it can be to neglect our vehicles. Especially when they’re running well and we’re so busy with “life”…
This is the best time to be proactive and schedule your car or truck for maintenance.

There are so many things that take a beating throughout the year, but can be easily undetected if we’re not careful. Tires and Breaks, Breaks and Tires Oh My! 🙂

Tires and breaks should be checked on since they can be very deceiving regarding needing new ones or not. Just because your breaks aren’t making noise and your tires are stopping on the “dime”, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in great shape.

Also, there will be those colder mornings when you will need to put the heater on, and again, that is definitely something that should be maintenanced before winter is here.

So as we get ready to wrap up Fall in another month or so, we sincerely urge you to schedule your vehicle for winter maintenance and ensure that peace of mind that you’ve done what needs to be done to keep you safe while your vehicle is running the way it should be as the weather gets much colder.

As always, our Service Department is here ready when you are to review your vehicle and keep you on the road safe! Thanks for checking in!

– Rob’s Automotive & Collision