Happy New Year!

Here we are in 2018 and we hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season, and overall great 2017.
It’s winter. And yes, while we just went from freezing and frigid temperatures to over 60 degrees in less than a week, we know this warm weather won’t last.

So what does that mean…
It means more cold, freezing, snow and more than likely, more fender benders.
And while we appreciate our collision customers, we always want you to be safe first and foremost.

We also want to let you in on some new updates with our company and even some industry updates that might help you in the event you happen to find yourself in an accident situation.

Car manufacturers are making vehicles today to be as safe as possible.
You may say, well, they should be! And you are absolutely correct.
But what does that mean for your vehicle if you are in a collision?

It means your car or truck is designed to take the majority of the impact and basically, crumple like an accordion so it bares as much of the impact and keeps it away from you and your body!
And if this is the case one of two things will happen with your vehicle…

One, it will be considered totaled and it will be new car time…
Or two, if it can be repaired, you will need the right company with the right equipment and machinery to ensure your car or truck is back to pre-accident condition, if not, even better.

Rob’s Collision has all of the latest and greatest equipment to accomplish just that.
From frame machines, specific paint booth for specialty projects such as Aluminium based vehicles, (Audi) to Heavy Duty Machinery to tackle even the biggest collision projects, we’re your go to provider.

We’ve also added many more certifications from our long list of Manufacturers that we already possess! Visit our collision page to see the certifications. We tell you this because we want our customers to truly know, we never cut corners and our goal is the same as yours…

“Get me my car back and make it look like it did before my accident”.
And we will. We have the staff, the right equipment and the experience and knowledge to make sure we deliver the goods. We are constantly improving our process and always are staying updated with the latest and greatest technology as it relates to the Collision Industry.

So with that, we hope you have a very safe and prosperous 2018, and take comfort in knowing that if you are in an accident, or already have been, we’re here to take care of the entire situation from start to finish. Have a safe Winter!

– Rob’s Automotive & Collision