Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Auto Repair Shop

Finding a reputable auto repair shop you can trust can be challenging when experiencing vehicle issues. Unless you have built a long-term relationship with your technician, determining whether or not your repair shop is looking out for your best interests can be difficult. That’s why there are crucial questions you should ask your auto technician when you first meet them.

At Rob’s Automotive, we explain every aspect of a repair to our customers prior to beginning the work. Our team will let you know precisely what needs to be done to keep your vehicle in good working condition. Car maintenance and car repairs can be very stressful unless you’re confident that your technician knows what they’re doing and is giving you the best repair cost possible. At Rob’s, you can be assured that we’re working for you when it comes to caring for your vehicle.

Here are the six most important questions to ask an auto technician when it comes to service being performed on your car:

What Certifications Does Your Auto Shop Have?

One of the first things to ask when visiting an automotive repair shop is what certifications they have. Any reputable facility will be certified as providing Automobile Service Excellence (ASE). An ASE-certified technician must prove they possess the industry’s required capabilities by completing specific tests to obtain the certification. 

At Rob’s, we employ ASE-certified technicians, so our customers can have peace of mind knowing experts in the automotive field are working on their vehicles.

Does Your Shop Use Original Equipment or Aftermarket Parts?

Another question you should ask your repair technician is if they use OEM parts or aftermarket parts. There are two reasons to do this when discussing repair options. 

First, OEM parts are often more expensive than aftermarket and can significantly impact the overall cost of the repair. Secondly, sometimes an aftermarket part will not meet the original manufacturer’s standards, leading to additional problems down the road. 

That said, a reputable auto shop should be able to provide you a choice with either OEM or aftermarket parts to repair or replace components on your vehicle.

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May I Have a Written Estimate?

Make sure you ask the auto repair shop to provide you with a written estimate of the cost for the repairs. This is a key question to ask an auto technician, as a written estimate will commit them to the pricing and repairs they are telling you must be done to fix the problem. If a shop wants to repair your vehicle without a written estimate, look to do the repair elsewhere.

What is the Warranty Offered on Parts and Labor?

Always make sure to ask an auto repair shop if they provide a warranty on parts and labor. Replacement parts used during a repair can sometimes fail prematurely. It’s important you know an automotive technician backs their mechanical work with a warranty to ensure any issues that arise will be covered following the repair.

How Will I Get to the Shop?

Not every damaged vehicle is able to make the trip to the auto repair shop. Depending on the severity of the damage, some vehicles may need to be towed.

Rob’s offers 24/7 towing services throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas. Even if your chosen auto repair shop doesn’t offer towing service like us, they should be able to arrange for a towing service with a trusted company. 

May I See the Old Parts That Were Replaced?

When you need something replaced on a car, make sure the technician is willing to provide the old parts that were removed back to you after the work is completed. A reputable automotive technician will be more than willing to give the parts back to you. If there is any hesitation, consider using another service provider for your vehicle.

Rob’s Automotive: A Premier Source For Automotive Repairs

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your auto technician. Doing so will not only increase your knowledge but also hold them accountable for any work they perform.

At Rob’s Automotive, we take pride in offering high-quality repair services at an affordable price to all of our customers. We’re a leading automotive collision repair service and also a highly-rated Philadelphia towing company. Our facility is certified by over 14 major car manufacturers, so you know you’re getting the best automotive service available in the area. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about how Rob’s can help you keep your vehicle in excellent condition!