So hopefully you’ve been following us on Social Media, in particular, Facebook for all of the cool and exciting things that has been going on with all of our companies and divisions.

Most recently, we revamped and rebranded our High Performance & Dyno Center which is owned by Rob’s Automotive & Collision. It is now known as The Speed Shop! We are providing all of the products and services necessary to ensure all of our Hot Rod, Muscle & Race Car customers stay at Peak Performance.

We also install and work on all products that we sell. Every item that we provide is installed properly by our team of High Performance Technicians. We have countless products that we carry in our large inventory. But never fret! If there is something we don’t have in the store or inventory, we can certainly order it for you and have it ready for you to pick up in just a few short days.
When it comes to customizing your vehicle, look no further than The Speed Shop for all of your needs, including Jeep, Truck and just about any 4×4 product you can think of, and so much more!
We wanted to keep it simple as we embarked on this rebranding journey with our High Performance Speed Center, and we certainly believe “The Speed Shop” pretty much says it all…
Thanks for checking in with us as always and stay tuned for March’s Blog!
– Rob’s Automotive & Collision

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