Rob’s Blog

Well, here we go!

Our very first Blog post and we’re very excited about it. We have worked very hard for more than 40 years Branding our company. We have evolved so much during that time, and we really want people everywhere to understand who and what we really are…

We provide a number of services in the Automotive Repair, Service, Collision and Towing industry.
What began more than 30 years ago as Rob himself was repairing cars in his driveway, to now having grown into a multimillion dollar operation with numerous divisions today.

We are extremely proud that we have become one of the Premiere Companies in our area that provides Automotive Repair, Collision & Towing Services. Our goal with this Blog on a monthly basis is not only to update our customers and potential customers with what we’re doing, but also to provide an Educational Platform informing our audience of industry updates and “need to know” in our industry.

So please make sure you check back with us as we begin our journey to keep you informed, educated and most importantly, coming back!

Thanks for checking in!

-Team Rob-