Here at Rob’s, we first want to wish everyone a happy new year, and hope that you rang in 2016 among loved ones, friends, and family. There are always a lot of hazards on the roads at the end of the year. And we are proud to be available to drivers 24/7.


It is a common tradition to make resolutions at the onset of a new year in an attempt to better ourselves in our personal or professional realm. The Rob’s team is no different. We have all made our personal goals, be it getting in better shape, fixing that car that’s been sitting in the garage for years, or paying off credit cards (that were no doubt well-used for the holiday season). We have made a collective set of resolutions for the entire team that we hope to maintain and shatter throughout the current year.

1. Staying up to date

It’s no secret that new technologies are finding their way into our automobiles at an alarming rate. Electronics, mechanics, structural… It’s just a matter of time before vehicles are made from entirely different materials than they are today! With every step forward in the conveniences of modern automotive engineering, so to must we in the automotive repair industry move forward. It is our pledge to keep pace with these advances to ensure that we can best provide all of our services to every customer, regardless of how high tech or low tech their vehicle may be.

2. Honesty

It is, unfortunately, an all too common thing we have heard from satisfied customers that come through our doors: “The other place told us it was going to cost $X to fix these things. I can’t believe they were going to try and fix these unnecessary things!” Customer service is the most important part of our industry. People come to us when something is wrong, not when everything is going a-ok for them. They are often distressed, upset, panicking, or worse due to the unfortunate chain of events that led them to us. We have always prided ourselves on trying to make customers happier than they were when they came to us. By being as forthcoming as we are about our services, we set a precedent that we can be relied upon to do top-tier work and give the customer peace of mind that the right repair was made by the right person.

3. To be your one-stop-shop for all things automotive

The Rob’s team wears many hats.  From collision and mechanical repair to towing and heavy-duty recovery…there’s nothing that we cannot handle. It is something we have strived to achieve from our humble days of just handling towing. The expansion of our service departments has been an incredible blessing to us, and it is a blessing we want to pass on to each and every one of our customers. Each one of our locations are all under the family of Rob’s. Our service centers all work hand in hand to keep your vehicle operating in top shape, sometimes better than it would have been fresh off the lot! With that in mind, it is our goal to be *the* go-to place for all things automotive. We want to be the place you go to for routine maintenance, for collision repair, for recovery of equipment, even for some roadside assistance!


There are our 3 main resolutions as a company, as a community resource. While we strive to be better than we were the year before, it is immensely important to us to be the best this year in all aspects of our industry. More important than that is to provide the absolute best service possible to each customer that comes into one of our locations. Because, without customers, we cannot provide customer service.

Customer service is our pride. It is our life-blood. It is our goal.

Let’s make 2016 the year that brings the “service” back to customer service!

No matter the issue, never hesitate to bring your vehicle into any one of our Rob’s family of service centers.