So here we are in the beginning of March and Mother Nature really hasn’t shown too many signs of an early Spring. So while we wait for her to get her “stuff” together and bring the better weather, we thought we’d talk about something that most PA-ers complain about year in and year out…

POTHOLES!!! Yes, these annoying little (or huge) holes in our roads, highways and just about everywhere continue to play a part in hurting your car.

Now most people usually yell out loud when they hit a nice size pothole, maybe even use some “selective language” which most of us can relate to, but what we don’t do, is stop and get out to check out our vehicle! Yes, some of you may look at the tire that hit the pothole once you’re at your destination, but most of us don’t notice if there is any underlying or much bigger issues that our car or truck is now experiencing.

Obviously any visible tire damage should be a give me, as to whether or not something happened, but what most people don’t realize is some other problems that are now occurring.

Some of the important things to look for is the feel of the vehicle when driving…
Does it now pull to one side or the other and it didn’t before? Is the vehicle riding much more “rough” where new noises have presented themselves, and you know for a fact they weren’t there before?
Rim damage can also be present, but again, maybe not 100% visible to the naked or untrained eye.

So when in doubt, please get the vehicle checked out! Bring it to your mechanic and they can give you an honest answer by evaluating the vehicle more closely.

Also keep in mind that many tire companies provide warranties, so be sure to check with your auto repair shop, or wherever you had your recent tires put on.
So stay safe as hopefully winter winds down and be sure to avoid those potholes whenever possible!

Have a great March and thanks for checking in!

– Rob’s Automotive & Collision