Freezing temperatures don’t provide ideal working conditions for people, plumbing systems, or car batteries. Yes, that’s right, even your car battery is susceptible to the cold. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape to survive the cold weather by dropping it off at Rob’s Automotive truck repair center, located near Yardley, PA. We’ll check everything from your brakes to your battery to make sure your vehicle will last to see another winter. 

Why Does Cold Weather Affect Car Batteries?

When the temperatures drop, the number of vehicle breakdowns surge. Battery failure is one of the most common consequences as the cold weather puts more stress on the battery and reduces its performance as a result. Most cars are powered by a lead-acid battery, also called a standard flooded battery. This particular battery depends on the chemical reaction between the acid and lead plates to provide power. Freezing temperatures significantly slow down or completely stop this process from taking place. If the battery is impacted enough, it will lose charge and be rendered useless. 

What Drains My Battery the Most?

If you’re thinking ahead to preserve your battery’s life, you’re doing the right thing. Just like being on your phone, every action we take while we’re in our vehicles will drain the battery. However, some operations have more impact than others. The biggest culprits are using interior lights, having a defective alternator, and taking excessive short drives. 

Using up the battery when there’s no need is the fastest way to deteriorate its lifespan. That’s exactly what happens when you leave the car lights on overnight. This dilemma is more prevalent in older cars, as newer models have built-in features that automatically turn lights off once your vehicle is locked. 

A defective alternator can also be responsible for the untimely death of your car battery. While you’re driving, the alternator is supposed to recharge the battery and supply power to your car’s electrical components. If the alternator isn’t functioning properly, your battery’s power will be exhausted. 

Finally, believe it or not, short drives can be a perpetrator of your battery’s early demise. During a short drive, your alternator may not be able to recharge your battery adequately. Over time, the battery will drain away and you’ll be left calling us for towing services from our Bristol, PA, location. 

Now’s the Time to Save Your Car Battery

Neither you nor your battery wants to be stuck in the cold this winter. Bring your vehicle to your local Rob’s Automotive center for a full-service inspection. We are certified by 14 major manufacturers to repair and maintenance your vehicle to the highest automotive standards. Call (215) 826-9200 to schedule an appointment today!