As we detailed last month the importance on mechanical repair after an accident, this month we want to touch on a couple aspects of the other side of vehicle repair – body and frame work.

Frame Work

When your vehicle is involved in a collision, it’s important to understand that body repair isn’t just about removing dents and other cosmetic things. In many cases, the frame of the vehicle may be damaged or pushed out of alignment. Frame straightening becomes a key to restoring your car or truck to pre-accident safety standards. Without this crucial piece of work, it may be likely that your vehicle may not protect you or your family should you be in another collision.

How the frame protects you

The frame of your vehicle isn’t just about giving your car it’s sleek shape. It is the skeleton of your car that keeps it from crumpling under its own weight. In addition to providing structure, auto makers ensure that these frames have strategic “crumple points” designed to crumple around you instead of having you get crumpled.

When collision happens, these crumple points are often triggered and the frame becomes weakened. Even if the frame looks OK, the structural integrity of the frame may be compromised.

Here at Rob’s Collision, we know that this is very important and we always take the time to inspect the frame very carefully to assess the level of damage and the proper repair necessary. In cases of minor damage, our technicians will use computerized equipment to calculate alignment and carefully bend the frame back to its original condition. This alone is often enough to restore the vehicle’s safety rating. In the event that the damage is too severe for simple bending to fix, our technicians will turn to a process where they meticulously cut out the damaged metal portions and weld new ones into place, reinforcing the frame at the damaged points.

Body and Paint

We understand that collisions really can do a number on the aesthetics of your vehicle. Scratches, dents, dings, crumples, broken lights, bent doors, broken glass… It’s all an eyesore and a constant reminder of the nightmare you or your family had to experience.

When your vehicle is mechanically sound and structurally secure, it’s time to give the exterior of your vehicle a little TLC. At our Collision Centers, we are able to take care of all aspects of your collision repair under one roof. By using our skill and quality OEM parts, we are able to restore your vehicle to the way it looked before you were in your accident.

An important area that really needs to be addressed is color matching. In order to make it look like your car was never damaged, color needs to be matched EXACTLY. Even if color is off by just a little, you will notice it. And then you won’t be able to NOT notice it. When you’re ready to trade the car in or sell it, the value will be decreased because it will be evident that the car was in an accident. A bad paint job can diminish a beautiful vehicle, and isn’t that a key component of a totally sweet ride? Paint needs to be PERFECTLY matched.