A few blogs back we posted a little information about a few of our service divisions.

We wanted to educate our readers about the Rob’s Brand as a whole, and why we have become a
One Stop Shop for just about everything Auto, Truck & Towing related.

Yes, we listed a few “highlights” and bullet points regarding the divisions, but DID YOU KNOW that Rob’s Collision holds more than a dozen certifications from auto manufacturers?
This has been critical to our success and customer satisfaction as the collision world is ever changing and evolving.

We can work on any make and model car or truck when it comes to repair, auto body, etc…
But DID YOU KNOW Rob’s also has the absolute best and latest and greatest technology, equipment, tools and more, that keep us on the cutting edge of our industry? This includes very LARGE (and cool) Commercial Equipment & Tools for our customers with “LARGE NEEDS”???

DID YOU KNOW that Rob’s offers shuttle service for each and every customer in each and every division of our company to take the stress away when it comes to getting to and from our locations???

DID YOU KNOW that we are consistently ranked in the Top 500 Towing Companies in the Country each and every year according to The Towman 500???

Now please understand, we are not saying all this to brag or pat ourselves on the back.
But we do want you to know, that no matter what your Automotive, Truck or Commercial needs may be as a customer, we want to be your go to provider every single time you need these services!

We take great pride in every aspect of our work and service, and our Team and Staff will always go above and beyond to ensure you as a customer are taken care of, and hopefully position us to keep your business going forward…

We value you and your business and we want to keep it.
Thanks for checking in and we look forward to serving you.

– Rob’s