Debunking 4 Common Car Collision Myths

Getting into a car accident can be stressful and sometimes life-changing. Fortunately, we’ve always got your back at Rob’s Automotive. Today, we’re going to debunk the most common car collision myths to help you and your vehicle recover faster following an automobile accident. We also offer 24/7 professional tow truck services in Bristol, PA, and the surrounding areas, so you can rest assured we’ll be there when you need us the most!

Myth 1: You Must Use the Collision Repair Center Your Insurance Recommends

A common myth regarding automotive repairs following an accident is that you must use the repair shop your insurance company recommends. This is incorrect. 

Yes, the insurance company will suggest using one of their partnered service centers for repairs, but you have the right to choose your preferred repair shop. Here at Rob’s, we work with all insurance companies and negotiate with them in good faith. We will also bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition and repair your vehicle per manufacturer’s standards. We protect your investment by using those standards and provide you with a high-quality repair. Remember, it’s your vehicle and your choice as to where you have your vehicle repaired.

Myth 2: Dealerships Provide the Best Automotive Services and Repairs

Many people are under the impression that only dealerships can provide the highest quality collision repairs. This is simply not true! Most repair shops offer service and repairs equal to or surpassing the quality of work you would receive at a dealership. 

At Rob’s, we are certified by over 14 major manufacturers to uphold the highest standards of auto repairs. Our experts can transform any damaged vehicle to look as if it just rolled off the assembly line. For quality collision repair services at an affordable price, contact Rob’s today.

Myth 3: A Car Will Never Be the Same After an Accident

This might have been true several decades ago, but with modern technology, the newest and latest equipment as well as advanced training, this is no longer the case.

Being certified by over 14 manufactures requires us to have the most up to date equipment. Whether it’s a specialized welder or a computerized frame machine, we have the right tool for the job each and every time.

Our technicians are I-Car Platinum as well as our shop is I-Car Gold Certified. This level of certification ensures that the technician repairing your vehicle has the knowledge, talent and dedication for any repair.  We not only have your safety in mind, we protect your investment as well when it comes to your vehicle.  All repairs come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

Myth 4: It’s Hard to Find a Reputable Repair Shop

Plenty of drivers believe that it is difficult to find a reputable auto body repair shop to perform repairs to their vehicle. Yes, there are some shops that offer less than desirable repair services. We encourage you to follow these tips when searching for a trusted repair center. 

Collision Repair Made Easy at Rob’s Automotive

Rob’s Automotive is a premier provider of automobile and truck repair services in Bristol, PA, and nearby regions. We offer a multitude of collision repair services and automotive services for vehicles of all makes and models, and we are certified by over 14 major manufacturers to restore cars to pristine condition. Our staff will also assist you in the auto claims process with your insurance company and rental company. We are here for you to make your collision claim as easy as possible. 

Rob’s Auto is your solution for professional collision repair services with an experienced team of technicians looking out for you. For more information about our automotive services and 24 hour towing service, contact us today!