Well, here we are…

The Summer has officially come to an end and now we begin to enter the Fall Season.
We don’t know about you but we truly enjoy this time of the year. Who doesn’t right???
Football is back, fire pits are flaming, and before you know it will be jeans and hoodies, right?

In any event, we wanted to chat about some things that we see especially during this time of the year.
We see a lot of customers that come in with their vehicles after an accident, or even just your every day fender-bender, but it happened a little while back…

While we discussed not waiting to have your car or truck repaired in our Blog this past winter, unfortunately we still see people waiting when it comes to collision work. For whatever reason whether it’s home and work schedules, kids, vacations, etc… Many people wait to bring their cars in.

And what we continue to hear in the field, or more importantly the questions we receive, are regarding whether or not the Insurance Company dictates where you take your vehicle for repair.

We’re here to 100% educate you that when it comes to your vehicle regarding collision repair after an accident… It’s YOUR CHOICE! You are absolutely in charge of you and your vehicle. While insurance companies continue to try and sway you to one of their “approved providers”, it is still your call as to who repairs your vehicle.

We have these conversations year in and year out, but it is still amazing to us how Insurance Companies still operate to persuade drivers to go to an Auto Body Repair facility of “their choice”, when it’s your car or truck getting fixed. Always remember that, it is entirely up to you who fixes your vehicle.

So now as the leaves change and we enjoy the Fall we hope you’ll continue to keep it safe on the roads… If you ever have any questions about your accident situation as it relates to your car, please call us and we’d love to assist you in any way we can. We also hope you’ll choose Rob’s to make sure your car or truck is back to pre-accident condition and all repairs are done right!

Have a wonderful Fall Season! Thanks for checking in!