Clear up Foggy Windows With These Helpful Tips

Dirty car windshields can make driving difficult, but even cars kept in pristine condition are prone to foggy windows. During certain times of the year, a car might experience windshield fog if the vehicle’s interior temperature is considerably different from outside. 

Here’s what Rob’s Automotive wants you to know about clearing foggy car windows, so you can see what’s ahead of you and stay safe while on the road. 

Defogging Car Windows During Cold Weather

One reason you may need to clear foggy windows is that the weather outside becomes too chilly. 

If the outdoor temperature is considerably lower than the car’s interior, then the windows will fog up due to condensation. Here are several ways you can clear foggy windows caused by this occurrence.

Turn On the Air Conditioning

This tip might seem strange, as air conditioning isn’t needed when it’s already cold out. However, lowering the temperature inside of the car to be closer to that of the outside can help prevent the buildup of fog on your car’s windows.

Lower the Windows

Another good idea to reduce the car’s interior temperature is to open the windows slightly. Not only will this further equalize the temperature of the inside and outside of the vehicle, but lowering the windows will help free any humid air trapped inside the vehicle that could be causing them to fog up.

Turn On the Defroster

Nothing helps clear car foggy windows in the winter faster than your front and rear windshield defroster. Keep the defroster on low AC until the fog clears up—then you can finally blast the heat to warm up yourself.

Defogging Car Windows During Hot Weather

If you experience foggy windows during warm weather, it’s likely because the moisture and temperature outside of the car are considerably higher than inside the vehicle.

Activate the Windshield Wipers

Because the built-up condensation is outside of the car’s windows, you can easily remove it by turning on the windshield wipers! However, the condensation might return depending on certain circumstances, and the wipers won’t clear it away from the side windows either. Windshield wipers are an immediate fix, but there are other ways to remove the fogginess.

Blast the Heat

Defogging your windows can be just as uncomfortable in the summer as it is in the winter. Although it’s instinct to reach for the AC as soon as you get settled in the car, try turning on the heat instead. This will balance out the uneven temperatures inside and outside of your car, allowing the condensation to evaporate. Once your windows are clear, you can turn on the AC with no problem once again.

Disable the Recirculate Feature

Disabling the air recirculation is another way of defogging windows in warmer weather. This will cause your car to pull in dry air from outdoors and eliminate any humidity or moisture on your windows.

There you have it! In just three simple steps, you can quickly clear foggy windows in the winter and summer. 

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