Worst case has happened. Someone has run a stop light and crashed into your vehicle. After the knee-jerk reaction of anger and frustration, you and the other driver exchange insurance information, and contact the proper authorities.
After getting into contact with the insurance company, you are ready to move forward with repairing your vehicle. The claims agent tells you that they will send you a small list of their “recommended shops.” The agent strongly implies that you HAVE to go to one of the shops they recommend.
But, do you have to use their recommendation?
The answer to this is a resounding “No.”
Most insurance companies have their contacts with shops in your area. They often work hand in hand with one another. Such partnerships exist to expedite the process for some people to get them back on the road. However, most of these partnerships are primarily for the benefits for the insurance company, like lower labor and materials prices, and parts discounts with those facilities.
Some insurance claims representatives are given goals to steer certain percentages of their claims go through their recommended shops. The methods that they try to achieve this can be off-putting. They may tell you that the shop you prefer isn’t on their list and because of this, your claim wont be handled efficiently. They may say that it’ll take longer for an adjuster to be available for an estimate. They may even go so far as to say that the shop you prefer wont provide a quality repair.
Do not let this intimidate you. The choice IS yours. It is important for you to choose a repair shop that you are confident in, has a solid reputation, and provides quality service.


Finding a shop to repair your vehicle is no small undertaking. There are several things one must think about when searching for a repair facility.
  • Does the shop have a warranty on the labor?
  • Do they have experience working on your type of vehicle? (This is very important with newer and/or luxury vehicles)
  • How long has this place been in business?
  • Have they worked with the insurance company before?
Body shops don’t have contracts with insurance carriers. Just because a shop isn’t on an insurance company’s direct repair list doesn’t mean that your vehicle wont be repaired properly. Don’t be steered into making a decision for your vehicle based on a claims salesman’s recommendation.
Here at Rob’s, we take pride in all aspects of the repair process and ensure that your vehicle is restored to your specification. We work with you AND the insurance companies to provide quality repair services. If you find yourself in an accident, we have many facilities as well as towing services to be your one-stop-shop to get back on the road sooner rather than later. Our certified technicians and customer service managers will make sure that the whole process as painless as possible.
Even if Rob’s isn’t your choice, always remember that you have the right to choose whatever repair shop for your vehicle.