Seasonal Maintenance…

Spring has FINALLY sprung now that we’re into May. Unfortunately it didn’t the way it was supposed to in April, and all we experienced was rain and more rain. As we enjoy better weather, we wanted to piggyback off of last month’s post regarding detailing to remove any signs of “winter” from your vehicle, to now getting prepared for Spring from an overall maintenance standpoint.

If you’re like most, you probably will wait until a very warm day to turn on your Air Conditioner…
Which means it will most likely be the first time since Winter. You may experience an awful smell, or somewhat of an unpleasant odor, and this is caused by many things. Old Filter, certain little “creatures” that like to make their mark, or should we say “leave their mark” inside your cars running parts, especially the filter, or even be unfortunate victims themselves and make it their final resting place due to unfortunate circumstances… 🙁

So be sure you have your mechanic change the Air Filter when you go in for regular maintenance and please be sure to have them check the AC. It could be low on Freon, it could have compressor issues, and possibly other problems as well.

Also, Spring is always a great time just for a general tune-up! This consists of changes belts, hoses, spark plugs, tires and breaks if necessary and just overall general wear and tear items that need more attention as each season changes and approaches.

Then there is always the obvious… If you’re planning any Spring vacations or road trips, you should always have your mechanic look over your entire vehicle and have them give you the “ok” that everything looks in order and you can take your road trip or vacation without worry or concern.

So we truly do hope you enjoy the Spring, and if your vehicle has any of these needs we talked about, please call Rob’s Service Center and we would be happy to give your vehicle a proper “once over” and then some… 🙂

Thanks for checking in as always!

– Robs Automotive & Collision

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