Clean Car After The Winter…

Here we are experiencing Spring in “full swing”… Well, not according to Mother Nature lately.
We still had snow during the first two days of Spring this year so we wanted to take an opportunity to discuss how the past Winter elements can affect your vehicle, especially the paint!

We know PennDot and other municipalities do a great job with snow removal and even preparing for any type of snow storm during the colder months… However, that preparation and the after effects aren’t good for your vehicle.

Again, while we appreciate things like brine being laid down the night before a snow or ice storm, and the salt during and after to melt it as quickly as possible, those two things are so damaging to your vehicle’s paint.

So what’s the solution when you know your car has experienced these things just “bouncing around”, under and all over your vehicle??? The answer… Full Detail Service as soon as possible!
Any good auto detailer will tell you, when it comes to brine, salt, even bird droppings, the best thing to do to preserve your paint is to get your vehicle professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

Yes, full detail service is one of the things we offer here among our other divisions, but whether you use us, or anyone else, just be sure that you understand the type of products they’re using and what your concerns are so that your car or truck’s paint can be addressed properly and accordingly.

And if you don’t have a reputable Auto Detailer, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!
Thanks for checking in as always and enjoy the Spring! 🙂

– Rob’s Automotive & Collision

Posted by Rob’s Automotive and Collision