BG Services Now Available at Rob’s Automotive & Collision Center

Complete car care is imperative to keeping your vehicle and its many parts functioning correctly and, in turn, lengthening its lifespan. Rob’s Automotive & Collision Center has been a trusted car, truck, and trailer repair service in Bucks County, PA for over 35 years, and we are excited to feature some of the best vehicle care services by BG Products, Inc.

Check out this promotional video before continuing below to learn more about the benefits of utilizing BG vehicle services:

BG Fuel/Air Induction Service

Think of the fuel injection and air induction systems as the heart and lungs of your car. When unburned fuel bakes onto these systems, carbon deposits form inside. This occurrence can cause power loss, decreased fuel economy, and toxic emissions. To combat these deposits that can be so harmful to you and your car, Rob’s Automotive provides BG Fuel/Air Induction Services.

We use the Fuel Injection and Air Intake System Cleaners to clean the fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum, and air intake, as well as remove carbon deposits from valves, ports, combustion chambers, piston crowns, and even the catalytic converter! Afterward, we use BG 44K to complete the cleaning cycle.

BG Cooling System Service

The only way your engine can release the incredible heat that builds up in the engine block is through the use of the cooling system. This system uses water mixed with coolant to transfer the heat out to the radiator and evaporator before finally releasing the remaining heat into the air. Unfortunately, over time, the protective additives in the coolant start to run low, causing the refrigerant to break down, become acidic, and encourage scale and corrosion to spread throughout the cooling system.

When we use the BG Cooling System Service, we can dissolve and remove both scale and sludge. Then, we will replace the old, damaging coolant with clean and fortified coolant. This process will prevent future issues caused by contaminated fluid, protecting the engine from both extreme heat and cold.

BG Performance Oil Change Service

Requesting a BG Performance Oil Change by Rob’s Automotive is the best way to protect your engine and restore lost horsepower. This service detaches and obliterates deposits that accumulate in the combustion chamber, which negatively affects horsepower. We remove fuel gums from piston rings with BG 109 Compression Performance Restoration, protect against the build-up of sludge and oil oxidation with BG MOA, and ensure a clean fuel system between oil changes with BG CF5.

Lifetime BG Protection Plan

When you make an appointment for a BG service, ask your auto repair expert about the Lifetime BG Protection Plan — your vehicle may be eligible for coverage up to $4,000.

We at Rob’s Automotive & Collision Center provide the leading vehicle and trailer repair services in and around Morrisville, PA, so we know a thing or two about car care. We are proud to feature services by BG Products for our valued customers, so make sure to request a BG service the next time you come in for repairs or servicing!