Animals on the Road Can Be Incredibly Dangerous During the Holiday Season

With 2014 coming to a close, everyone at Rob’s wishes to thank everyone for their support and patronage this year. Since this is the holiday season, we know that it can be a little crazy on the roads. Please make sure that you drive safe and make it to your destination safe and sound. However, if something does go wrong, Rob’s is there to take care of all of your automotive needs, from towing to collision repair and more.

Deer On RoadIt’s not just the other drivers you need to look out for. Wildlife on the roadways can be incredibly dangerous. It is estimated that 1 out of every 17 collisions involves wandering wildlife. To prevent any accidents, we have a few tips to keep your vehicle deer-free.
Dusk, dawn, and night are the most active times for wildlife. Deer are hit most frequently at dusk or dawn. Other are seen mostly at night.
Slow down a bit when driving during those darker times. The faster you are going, the shorter your reaction time is going to be. For poorly illuminated areas, we advise going a bit below the speed limit to allow for sufficient brake time. This is doubly true for when roads are icy.
Keep an eye on the shoulders. Though wildlife may be on the side of the road as your car approaches, they may suddenly try to flee by leaping into the road. If you see animals on the shoulder, slow as you get closer and don’t hesitate to hit the horn!
Look for reflecting eyes. Deer, elk, and antelope wander in groups. If you see one on the road, chances are there are more nearby.
One more thing. There is a lot of debate on whether you should swerve or not when there’s an animal in the road. We believe that you should not swerve to avoid hitting a deer, as you can suffer worse from an oncoming vehicle than from a stray deer, or something similar. Again, we thank each and every one of you for your business throughout the year, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in 2015!

Be safe on the roads and have a very Happy New Year!
Rob’s Automotive Center