5 Reasons Why Your Car Heater Isn’t Working

Now that we’re in the thick of winter, even your trusty coat and gloves aren’t enough to keep you comfortable if you’re driving around with a broken car heater. Rob’s Auto, a leading automotive repair and service company in Bristol, PA, offers reliable and affordable heating repairs. In fact, we can make sure your car is in the best condition as we enter the New Year with our current promotion: Free 50-Point Winter Check-Up with Every State Inspection for Only $49.99!

If you’re curious as to what’s causing your car heater to malfunction or stop working altogether, check out the top five common reasons below. 

Insufficient Coolant

One of the main reasons your car’s heater may not be working properly is the lack of adequate coolant. When your heater is operating during the winter season, coolant moves to the heater core, allowing the car to efficiently and effectively heat the vehicle’s interior. If your coolant level is low, the heater will not perform properly.

Malfunctioning Heater Core

Your car’s heater core is similar to a small radiator. When functioning correctly, the heater core assists your car’s HVAC system in heating the vehicle’s interior. If the heater core, typically located directly behind the dashboard, is not operating, you will not be able to heat the interior of your car.

HVAC Controls Are Broken

A common problem with older cars is broken HVAC controls. Many times, after years of use, the controls and knobs that work your internal HVAC system become worn and damaged. As a result, this can prevent your car’s heater from working properly.

Issues With the Thermostat

Your vehicle’s thermostat is a critical component of your car’s HVAC system. A temperature gauge that remains on “C,” meaning cold, even after your car has been running for a while, could indicate a problem with the thermostat. A faulty thermostat will prevent your car’s heater from creating a comfortable interior environment. A faulty thermostat will also negatively impact your fuel efficiency.

Water Leaks

A small water leak in your engine can cause large problems down the road. Water leaks can come from a radiator, hose, or water pump and disrupt your vehicle’s heating cycle.

Your car’s heater is an integral part of the vehicle because it provides warmth and comfort during the cold winter months, allowing you to travel safely to your destinations. Not only will a malfunctioning heater cause discomfort, but it may also be hazardous in freezing temperatures.

Fortunately, Rob’s Auto is here to help! If you are experiencing issues maintaining heat in your vehicle’s interior, contact us today for a reliable and affordable solution. One of our certified automotive technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and determine the cause of the issue. Once we identify the problem, our service department will provide you with a detailed analysis and offer an affordable solution for your heating issue. 

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