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Date: 4/4/2018 2:14 PM UTC

Here we are experiencing Spring in "full swing"... Well, not according to Mother Nature lately.
We still had snow during the first two days of Spring this year so we wanted to take an opportunity to discuss how the past Winter elements can affect your vehicle, especially the paint!

We know PennDot and other municipalities do a great job with snow removal and even preparing for any type of snow storm during the colder months... However, that preparation and the after effects aren't good for your vehicle.

Again, while we appreciate things like brine being laid down the night before a snow or ice storm, and the salt during and after to melt it as quickly as possible, those two things are so damaging to your vehicle's paint.

So what's the solution when you know your car has experienced these things just "bouncing around", under and all over your vehicle??? The answer... Full Detail Service as soon as possible!
Any good auto detailer will tell you, when it comes to brine, salt, even bird droppings, the best thing to do to preserve your paint is to get your vehicle professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

Yes, full detail service is one of the things we offer here among our other divisions, but whether you use us, or anyone else, just be sure that you understand the type of products they're using and what your concerns are so that your car or truck's paint can be addressed properly and accordingly.

And if you don't have a reputable Auto Detailer, give us a call and we'll be happy to help!
Thanks for checking in as always and enjoy the Spring! :)

- Rob's Automotive & Collision

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Date: 3/5/2018 6:15 PM UTC

So here we are in the beginning of March and Mother Nature really hasn't shown too many signs of an early Spring. So while we wait for her to get her "stuff" together and bring the better weather, we thought we'd talk about something that most PA-ers complain about year in and year out...

POTHOLES!!! Yes, these annoying little (or huge) holes in our roads, highways and just about everywhere continue to play a part in hurting your car.

Now most people usually yell out loud when they hit a nice size pothole, maybe even use some "selective language" which most of us can relate to, but what we don't do, is stop and get out to check out our vehicle! Yes, some of you may look at the tire that hit the pothole once you're at your destination, but most of us don't notice if there is any underlying or much bigger issues that our car or truck is now experiencing.

Obviously any visible tire damage should be a give me, as to whether or not something happened, but what most people don't realize is some other problems that are now occurring.

Some of the important things to look for is the feel of the vehicle when driving...
Does it now pull to one side or the other and it didn't before? Is the vehicle riding much more "rough" where new noises have presented themselves, and you know for a fact they weren't there before?
Rim damage can also be present, but again, maybe not 100% visible to the naked or untrained eye.

So when in doubt, please get the vehicle checked out! Bring it to your mechanic and they can give you an honest answer by evaluating the vehicle more closely.

Also keep in mind that many tire companies provide warranties, so be sure to check with your auto repair shop, or wherever you had your recent tires put on.
So stay safe as hopefully winter winds down and be sure to avoid those potholes whenever possible!

Have a great March and thanks for checking in!

- Rob's Automotive & Collision

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Date: 2/7/2018 9:17 PM UTC

So hopefully you've been following us on Social Media, in particular, Facebook for all of the cool and exciting things that has been going on with all of our companies and divisions.

Most recently, we revamped and rebranded our High Performance & Dyno Center which is owned by Rob's Automotive & Collision. It is now known as The Speed Shop! We are providing all of the products and services necessary to ensure all of our Hot Rod, Muscle & Race Car customers stay at Peak Performance.

We also install and work on all products that we sell. Every item that we provide is installed properly by our team of High Performance Technicians. We have countless products that we carry in our large inventory. But never fret! If there is something we don't have in the store or inventory, we can certainly order it for you and have it ready for you to pick up in just a few short days.

When it comes to customizing your vehicle, look no further than The Speed Shop for all of your needs, including Jeep, Truck and just about any 4x4 product you can think of, and so much more!
We wanted to keep it simple as we embarked on this rebranding journey with our High Performance Speed Center, and we certainly believe "The Speed Shop" pretty much says it all...

Thanks for checking in with us as always and stay tuned for March's Blog!

- Rob's Automotive & Collision

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Date: 1/12/2018 3:38 PM UTC

Happy New Year!

Here we are in 2018 and we hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season, and overall great 2017.
It's winter. And yes, while we just went from freezing and frigid temperatures to over 60 degrees in less than a week, we know this warm weather won't last.

So what does that mean...
It means more cold, freezing, snow and more than likely, more fender benders.
And while we appreciate our collision customers, we always want you to be safe first and foremost.

We also want to let you in on some new updates with our company and even some industry updates that might help you in the event you happen to find yourself in an accident situation.

Car manufacturers are making vehicles today to be as safe as possible.
You may say, well, they should be! And you are absolutely correct.
But what does that mean for your vehicle if you are in a collision?

It means your car or truck is designed to take the majority of the impact and basically, crumple like an accordion so it bares as much of the impact and keeps it away from you and your body!
And if this is the case one of two things will happen with your vehicle...

One, it will be considered totaled and it will be new car time...
Or two, if it can be repaired, you will need the right company with the right equipment and machinery to ensure your car or truck is back to pre-accident condition, if not, even better.

Rob's Collision has all of the latest and greatest equipment to accomplish just that.
From frame machines, specific paint booth for specialty projects such as Aluminium based vehicles, (Audi) to Heavy Duty Machinery to tackle even the biggest collision projects, we're your go to provider.

We've also added many more certifications from our long list of Manufacturers that we already possess! Visit our collision page to see the certifications. We tell you this because we want our customers to truly know, we never cut corners and our goal is the same as yours...

"Get me my car back and make it look like it did before my accident".
And we will. We have the staff, the right equipment and the experience and knowledge to make sure we deliver the goods. We are constantly improving our process and always are staying updated with the latest and greatest technology as it relates to the Collision Industry.

So with that, we hope you have a very safe and prosperous 2018, and take comfort in knowing that if you are in an accident, or already have been, we're here to take care of the entire situation from start to finish. Have a safe Winter!

- Rob's Automotive & Collision

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Date: 12/6/2017 8:55 PM UTC

Well, here we are with the final post of 2017. We are a little more than 3 weeks away from turning the calendar and ringing in 2018. As we continue to move and shake, and run around like crazy people during the Holiday Season, we wanted to give you just simple and basic tips to think about for your vehicle as Winter approaches as well as the New Year.

Some of the most important maintenance items that often get overlooked.

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • All Fluids
  • Wipers
  • Belts
  • Batteries
And so much more! But hopefully you get the idea...
Lastly, we'd like to leave you with a Collision tip for the winter. If you are involved in an accident or any type of fender bender, do not wait to get your car or truck looked at for an estimate. So many people think they'll just wait for the weather to break, when in fact, depending upon the type of damage your vehicle has sustained, it could become a much bigger and even more costly problem!

So as we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018 in a few weeks, all of us here would like to say Thank You to all of our Staff, Team Members, Supporters, and of course, our customers! It has been another successful year for Rob's Automotive & Collision, and we're looking forward to keeping you safe and on the road throughout 2018!

Have a very Happy & Healthy Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

- Robs Automotive & Collision

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Date: 11/6/2017 9:13 PM UTC

We hope everyone is enjoying their Fall? So far it's been pretty nice weather with the exception of some rain, but all in all, it's been nice. So we hope you're enjoying it.

We know we have one more Blog post for the year to close out December next month, but we wanted to take a minute and really express our gratitude and appreciation for many individuals.
Now unfortunately, when it comes to what we're about to discuss, there are just too many great people to name individually.

But we can however, speak generically and still hopefully get our sincere message across to our readers and viewers... We are heavily involved in countless community events every year. We truly do try and accommodate most of the requests that come in for either appearances, or assistance with certain community needs, or for certain organizations where we can lend a helping hand.

While saying yes to everyone and everything is merely impossible, we'd like to believe we honestly try and help when we can. So what we'd like to do is to express a HUGE THANK YOU to every person, contact, colleague and organization that has allowed us to play any role whatsoever in assisting them this year.

From countless parades, with appearances by our Drivers and the popular Trucks they drive, to helping out multiple communities when they need our trucks, equipment or professionals to assist them in getting a particular job done. Two years in a row we raised a lot of money during our Golf Outings for great causes, and it wouldn't have been possible without you! We are honored and so proud to have been serving Bucks County Community and surrounding areas for more than 35 years!

It is one of our favorite things to do, is to be there for someone and more, when we can be of assistance or service! So again, while we can't say yes to you all, (trust us, we wish we could), we would like to send a sincere thank you and appreciation for allowing us to be part of such amazing circles of people and community. We're humbled and honored! Thank you all!

- Rob's Automotive & Collision

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Date: 10/9/2017 3:32 PM UTC

With only a few months left in the year, we figured we'd take a minute or so and throw some "nuggets" your way regarding end of year maintenance.

We all live very busy lives and we understand more than most how easy it can be to neglect our vehicles. Especially when they're running well and we're so busy with "life"...
This is the best time to be proactive and schedule your car or truck for maintenance.

There are so many things that take a beating throughout the year, but can be easily undetected if we're not careful. Tires and Breaks, Breaks and Tires Oh My! :)

Tires and breaks should be checked on since they can be very deceiving regarding needing new ones or not. Just because your breaks aren't making noise and your tires are stopping on the "dime", doesn't necessarily mean they're in great shape.

Also, there will be those colder mornings when you will need to put the heater on, and again, that is definitely something that should be maintenanced before winter is here.

So as we get ready to wrap up Fall in another month or so, we sincerely urge you to schedule your vehicle for winter maintenance and ensure that peace of mind that you've done what needs to be done to keep you safe while your vehicle is running the way it should be as the weather gets much colder.

As always, our Service Department is here ready when you are to review your vehicle and keep you on the road safe! Thanks for checking in!

- Rob's Automotive & Collision

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Date: 9/7/2017 7:26 PM UTC

Well, here we are...
The Summer has officially come to an end and now we begin to enter the Fall Season.
We don't know about you but we truly enjoy this time of the year. Who doesn't right???
Football is back, fire pits are flaming, and before you know it will be jeans and hoodies, right?

In any event, we wanted to chat about some things that we see especially during this time of the year.
We see a lot of customers that come in with their vehicles after an accident, or even just your every day fender-bender, but it happened a little while back...

While we discussed not waiting to have your car or truck repaired in our Blog this past winter, unfortunately we still see people waiting when it comes to collision work. For whatever reason whether it's home and work schedules, kids, vacations, etc... Many people wait to bring their cars in.

And what we continue to hear in the field, or more importantly the questions we receive, are regarding whether or not the Insurance Company dictates where you take your vehicle for repair.

We're here to 100% educate you that when it comes to your vehicle regarding collision repair after an accident... It's YOUR CHOICE! You are absolutely in charge of you and your vehicle. While insurance companies continue to try and sway you to one of their "approved providers", it is still your call as to who repairs your vehicle.

We have these conversations year in and year out, but it is still amazing to us how Insurance Companies still operate to persuade drivers to go to an Auto Body Repair facility of "their choice", when it's your car or truck getting fixed. Always remember that, it is entirely up to you who fixes your vehicle.

So now as the leaves change and we enjoy the Fall we hope you'll continue to keep it safe on the roads... If you ever have any questions about your accident situation as it relates to your car, please call us and we'd love to assist you in any way we can. We also hope you'll choose Rob's to make sure your car or truck is back to pre-accident condition and all repairs are done right!

Have a wonderful Fall Season! Thanks for checking in!

- Robs Automotive & Collision

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Date: 8/6/2017 1:23 PM UTC

We hope you all have been enjoying your Summer!

We know Summer is coming to an end, and as sad as that is, we all know the season can't last forever. So knowing this year after year, we thought it would be a nice topic for this month to discuss why and how Rob's Automotive & Collision has stood the "test of time" even after more than 35 years in business.

Longevity in anything takes countless effort, commitment, dedication and even sacrifice.
So we solute you as a business owner, or experienced professional if you've been practicing your "craft" for many years, b/c we certainly know what that takes to get there, and more importantly, stay there at the top of your game.

With the Collision industry experiencing rapid changes over the past 10-15 years, some good, some not so good, it has unfortunately affected many service providers in the space.
Over our time we have seen many strong and quality companies unfortunately close their doors, or continue to struggle in today's autobody and collision climate.

There are a lot of reasons why but we'd like to point out what we believe has been the difference for us not only to stay in business, but even thrive during these changing times.

1. Staff - We continue to employ amazing people with many years of experience in our industry. They not only are great at what they do, but our customers see the difference because our Staff cares so much about them.

2. Technology - This is where many companies that have unfortunately gone out of business have failed. They never embraced how updates in technology could actually help them vs. hurt them. They didn't invest in the things that would make life easier for them as a provider, or even their customer's experience.

3. Equipment - We continue to educate our Staff as well as invest in nothing but the best equipment and machinery to ensure our collision work is done perfect. Yes, this is a huge expense, but it's also why we have become so diverse to offer repair services to ANY make and model car or truck.

Manufactures have extremely high demands that are a MUST when it comes to Collision Repair and if you don't stay on the cutting edge with equipment, well... We're sure you can guess what will happen.

4. Adapt - We like to believe that no matter what the auto manufacturing world throws at us, or even you the driver/consumer, we'll be ready for it when you need us. We are not stubborn when it comes to adapting and embracing the ups and downs of our industry so that we are best prepared to do the best job for our customers.

5. Diversity - We have grown tremendously over 35 years. And we attribute a strong portion of our growth to being able to offer many service to make any customer's life easier. We have the ability to handle the entire process when you've been in an accident. From start to finish we'll tow your vehicle if necessary, repair it perfectly, all while making your life easier by dealing with your insurance company so you don't have to worry about anything other than getting your car back just as it was, or in some cases even better before your accident.

So while our hearts go out to so many providers who unfortunately aren't in business anymore, we like to think we're still here b/c we've done the right things to preserve our longevity.

Thanks as always for checking in and we hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer!

- Rob's

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Date: 7/6/2017 3:48 PM UTC

We felt this Blog post would hopefully be very informative especially since we've experienced so much rain during the Spring, and so far in the early part of Summer.

Nobody likes to drive in the rain, but it seems to be an unavoidable scenario we all have to face every now and then. When you do find yourself driving during a rain shower, it is important to adjust some of your driving methods to accommodate for the wet conditions. Driving in the rain can be very dangerous if not done properly, so it is vital to remember a few procedures to practice when you’re traveling down a slick road. At Robs we compiled some advice to share with you to help ensure that you are safe on the roadways when the weather gets bad.

Turn on those Headlights!
You may think this should be common sense, but we see countless drivers not turn their headlights on in he rain... One of the first things you should do when driving in the rain is to make sure you have your headlights on. And yes, this applies even during the day. The pouring water can easily hinder your visibility, so flicking on your lights can provide that extra aid to see what is ahead of you. Additionally, having your headlights on is imperative for other motorists to recognize your vehicle coming through the misty horizon. Having your headlights off while it is raining not only makes it more difficult for you to see, but also makes you practically invisible to the cars around you.
Keep your distance!
These two go hand in hand. The wet roadways can cause your vehicle to hydroplane if you are traveling too fast. Maintaining a speed under 35 mph typically reduces your chance of swerving on the wet roadways, but we still suggest you be cautious when making turns. In addition to simply slowing down, we also advise keeping a more conservative following distance than you typically would, as your brakes may not perform as well as usual when you need to abruptly stop on a slick street.
Stay on top of your parts!
One of the worst things that can happen when driving in the rain is having faulty equipment that can make it more dangerous for you to operate your vehicle. These primarily include making sure your tires have been checked and you have effective windshield wipers. If your tires are worn and do not have traction, then your chance of hydroplaning greatly increases. Additionally, having defective wipers that do not properly clear the water from your windshield can obstruct your visibility and make it severely dangerous to drive. Always be prepared, and if you need new wipers, our Service Department has them in stock on a daily basis.
So please, be extra careful when driving in the rain, or any kind of nasty weather conditions. If you're unsure about your vehicle's capabilities to handle the "not so nice" weather, call our Service Department and schedule an appointment to have us make sure your good to go!
Thanks for checking in and have a great Summer!
- Rob's Automotive & Collision

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